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Enterprise Invetors

List of companies

  • BLStream'


    Software company specializing in mobile technologies, develops, produces and maintains software for mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets) and develops gaming content. The company is also a recognized IT system integrator. Following the expansion financing and buyout transaction EVF holds 38% of the company. 

  • Danwood '


    Manufacturer of modern prefabricated houses sold as turnkey properties. The company has a leading position in Germany – Europe’s largest market for ready-made houses. In 2013 we acquired 100% of the business with the objective to finance its dynamic development.

  • Dino'


    Polish chain of supermarkets expanding dynamically in the western part of the country. In 2010 our fund acquired 49% of shares in Dino to support the chain's rapid growth.

  • Dystrybucja Polska'

    Dystrybucja Polska

    Non-addressed mail distributor. Our venture fund acquired a 30% stake in 2008.

  • Elemental Holding '

    Elemental Holding

    Polish market leader in the recycling of non-ferrous metals and electro-waste. EVF is a shareholder since 2013. Currently we hold a 10% stake in Elemental Holding. 

  • EP Serwis'

    EP Serwis

    Company offering comprehensive services on the wooden pallets market. Our venture fund acquired a 49% stake in 2013. 

  • Euro-Tax.pl'


    Euro-Tax offers income tax rebate services for migrant workers. Our venture fund acquired a 25% stake in the firm in 2010.

  • Gamet'


    Poland's largest manufacturer of decorative furniture accessories. In 2005 our fund acquired 100% of Gamet in an MBI.

  • Harper Hygienics'

    Harper Hygienics

    Polish manufacturer of skincare-related cotton products sold under the Cleanic brand. Our fund has been investing in the company since 2004 and now owns a 60% stake. Harper Hygienics has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2010.

  • it WORKS'

    it WORKS

    IT outsourcing company (until 2011 operated under the name Web-Inn). In 2009 our venture fund acquired 100% of the company from Sygnity.

  • J.S. Hamilton Poland'

    J.S. Hamilton Poland

    Leading provider of independent inspection and analytical services. EVF holds 19% of the company’s shares following an expansion financing transaction in 2014.

  • Kofola'


    The company was formed through a merger of Kofola and Hoop, becoming one of the most significant producers of non-alcoholic beverages in Central and Eastern Europe. Kofola manufactures its products in factories located in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our fund acquired a stake in Kofola in a public tender offer on the WSE in 2008. We now control 43% of the company.

  • Macon'


    Leading construction materials producer in Romania. Our funds bought out Macon in 2006. In 2008 we provided equity financing that enabled the company to acquire a majority stake in Simcor Group and thereby strengthen its leading market position.

  • Netrisk.hu'


    The largest online insurance broker in Hungary, active also in Romania. In 2010 our fund acquired an 80% stake in Netrisk.hu.

  • NordGlass'


    One of Europe's leading manufacturers of automotive windshields and the largest distributor in Poland. In 2007 our fund bought out 100% of the company in a leveraged buyout. We structured the transaction as an MBI, retaining and strengthening the existing management team.

  • Nortal'


    An international high-end software development solutions provider in public and private sector serving clients across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our venture fund has been Nortal's investor since 2010. The fund owns 41% of its shares.

  • Novaturas'


    The largest tour operator in the Baltic States. Our fund invested in Novaturas in 2007. We became the company's majority shareholder with a 71% stake following a debt- and equity-financed transaction.

  • Nu-Med Group'

    Nu-Med Group

    Network of radiotherapy clinics in Poland. We own one center at the Silesian Medical University in Katowice, a radiotherapy center in Elbląg, Northern Poland, and another that is under construction in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

  • Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych'

    Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych

    Umbilical cord blood bank. Our venture fund invested in PBKM in 2010 in an expansion financing transaction. It owns 58% of the company.

  • Profi'


    One of the largest supermarket chains in Romania. Our private equity fund acquired the entire share capital of Profi Rom Food Group in an MBI deal in 2009.

  • Scitec Holding'

    Scitec Holding

    Leading international producer and distributor of sports nutrition products known primarily under the Scitec Nutrition brand. Our fund acquired a significant majority stake in Scitec in 2012 in a buyout transaction.

  • Skarbiec Asset Management Holding'

    Skarbiec Asset Management Holding

    The holding comprises a mutual fund manager and a transfer agent, and is one of the Poland's largest financial institutions. In 2006 our fund bought out 100% of Skarbiec.

  • Smartree'


    Romanian HR outsourcing company. Our venture fund first invested in Smartree in 2010 and now owns 100% of the business.

  • Tahe Outdoors'

    Tahe Outdoors

    Europe’s leading watersports company. Since 2014 Enterprise Venture Fund actively supports its further development and holds a 32.4% stake in the company.

  • United Oilfield Services'

    United Oilfield Services

    Company providing seismic, drilling and well completion services to companies involved in oil and gas exploration and production in Poland. In particular, UOS offers its customers the technologies and expertise needed to unlock the country's shale gas reserves. Our fund provided equity financing for a minority interest in UOS in 2012.

  • Wento'


    The company handles the construction of wind farms in Poland. Our private equity fund set up the company in 2012. Wento is 100% owned by the fund.

  • X-Trade Brokers'

    X-Trade Brokers

    The largest brokerage house focused on forex, commodities, indices and CFD products in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2011 our fund acquired a significant minority stake in the company, which is expanding globally.