We provide companies with expansion capital for financing an increase in production capacity, developing a new product range or acquiring a competitor. We also support management teams with cross-sector expertise and when making key business decisions. Moreover, we help companies formulate strategy, conceptualize and implement optimal financing structures and recruit talented executives.


Our funds have provided financing for the expansion of several dozen companies from Poland and CEE, including Dino, Macon, Nortal, Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych and X-Trade Brokers.


One of our primary reasons for investing in Dino was its focus on the attractive proximity supermarket format.
Dino’s stores located are located close to the end customers (mainly in small towns or on the outskirts of major cities), have 300–400 square meters of selling space and parking lots for 10–30 cars. Thanks to Enterprise Investors’ backing, Dino expanded rapidly from 97 stores in 2010 to 628 at the end of 2016, and has become one of the fastest-growing supermarket chains in Poland. The supply chain and back-office functions have kept up with the growth of the network thanks to investment in two distribution centers and the introduction of advanced IT solutions. The company’s growth has generated new jobs, with employment at Dino increasing since 2010 nearly eightfold to 11,600 in April 2017. Dino’s founder, who established the company in 2000, was the majority shareholder throughout our investment and after our exit. In April 2017 we sold our entire stake in a successful IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in what proved to be, the largest private equity-backed IPO in the CEE region and one of the largest flotations of a private company in Poland.