10 July 2000

Crown Cork & Seal and Enterprise Investors to work together in Poland’s metal packaging sector

Warsaw, 10 July 2000 — Crown Cork & Seal, the world’s largest consumer packaging company, and Enterprise Investors, Poland’s leading venture capital private equity management organization, have announced a joint undertaking that effectively pools the resources and experience of their respective Polish metal packaging operations: CarnaudMetalbox-Gopak Polska and Fabryka Opakowań Blaszanych (FOB) (more…)

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4 May 2000

Jacek Siwicki appointed managing partner of Enterprise Investors

Warsaw, 4 May 2000 — Jacek Siwicki has been appointed the Managing Partner of Enterprise Investors (EI) and charged with coordinating the firm’s expanding operations. He will be responsible for Enterprise Investors’ strategy and operations in Poland as well as Central and Eastern Europe. Jacek Siwicki joined EI in 1992 as a Partner and he has played a pivotal role in Enterprise Investors’ growth and success during the last eight years, participating in and leading investments in a wide range of Polish companies. Mr. Siwicki and his team have pioneered new concepts in financing and privatization in the course of building one of the leading private equity investment firms in Central and Eastern Europe. He is well known in Poland from his prior positions in government and consultancy as well as his positions on the supervisory boards of several Polish companies. Mr. Siwicki previously served as Poland’s Deputy Minister of Privatization (1991) and as adviser to the International Finance Corporation (1992). Jacek Siwicki received a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Gdańsk. (more…)

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23 March 2000

Enterprise Investors invests in an internet company and announces its strategy for investing in the polish internet sector

Warsaw, 23 March 2000 — Polish Enterprise Fund, managed by Enterprise Investors, has invested $1.25 million in an internet company, e-point (formerly Point of View – Interactive Solutions). The fund will invest a further $1 million if the company needs it for its further development. (more…)

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23 February 2000

Enterprise Investors makes a new investment in the polish IT sector

Warsaw, 23 February 2000 — Polish Enterprise Fund, managed by Enterprise Investors, has invested over $1 million in Computer Communication Systems, acquiring 13% of the company’s shares. PEF’s total investment in CCS will be $1.6 million, which represents a 20% stake. The investment makes PEF the second major investor in the firm. CCS is part of the MCI Management Group. (more…)

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