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Enterprise Invetors


If you are a successful manager and are aiming to acquire a stake in a company, why not consider joining Enterprise Investors' MBI & MBO Club?

This club is the only one of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. It focuses on the issues and challenges facing ambitious managers who are planning to become company owners through a management buyin (MBI) or management buyout (MBO), and who need to secure the necessary capital.

The club operates as an informal network of a select group of successful directors and top managers from Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Baltic States, Slovenia, Serbia, and Croatia is a forum for identifying opportunities, exchanging ideas, and developing contacts.

  • Benefits of Membership

    Club meetings take place several times a year in the affiliated countries. They combine opportunities for informal networking with structured presentations that are designed to help members realize their MBI or MBO plans. By joining the club members become part of an exclusive association of high profile, influential executives. They also gain access to an extensive network of useful contacts and advisers.

  • Activities

    Each club meeting opens with a review of the latest developments at Enterprise Investors. This is followed by the presentation of an MBI & MBO case study and a Q&A session. A  buffet reception after the formal part of the meeting provides a good opportunity for further discussion.

  • Sister Clubs

    Sister clubs operate in Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Baltic States, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia. Members in one country are entitled to participate in meetings and events organized by any of the other clubs. Thus membership effectively gives access to a network of high-profile managers across Central and Eastern Europe – an invaluable asset when working on deals in the region.

  • Costs

    There is no membership fee, as management of the club is fully sponsored by Enterprise Investors. Occasionally a special event may require payment, but members are informed of this in advance and can choose whether to participate or not.

  • Application procedure

    Club membership is limited to a select group of outstanding directors and managers who are in a position to become company owners through an MBI or MBO.

    To apply for membership of the club, please send companies/sectors/deal size you are targeting to mbo@ei.com.pl
    Confirmation of membership will be sent within three weeks of receiving your application.

  • Confidentiality

    Club members have access to the names, current employer details and contact data of fellow members. All other information you provide us will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed or forwarded to any third party without your prior consent. We may occasionally ask for your approval to pass on certain data to investment bankers and other professionals if we believe they may be able to support you in your MBI or MBO transactions.

  • Club meetings

    MBI & MBO Club Meetings in Poland

    Enterprise Investors would like to invite MBI & MBO Club members to a series of business breakfasts organized under the auspices of Harvard Business Review Polska. The meetings will focus on the international expansion of Polish enterprises.

    10 September
    15 October
    29 October
    19 November

    For more information, see http://sniadania.hbrp.pl/ma/

    If you are an MBI & MBO Club member and wish to attend, please email us at mbo@ei.com.pl

    MBI & MBO Club Meetings in other CEE Countries:

    Campioni în Business, Cluj 15 October
    Campioni în Business, Iasi 21 October
    Štiky Českého byznysu, Prague 23 October
    Campioni în Business, Bucharest 3 November
    MBI&MBO Club, Bucharest 13 November
    Diamanty slovenského biznisu, Bratislava 8 December

    We will let you know shortly about further Club meetings planned for 2014.