What is the approximate value of a typical Enterprise Investors investment?

We typically invest between EUR 20 million and EUR 75 million in established companies. Our stake ranges from a large minority position to full ownership.


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Which sectors of the economy do Enterprise Investors funds generally invest in?

Our funds invest in companies across a wide range of industries. We finance mid-market buyouts and growth companies in sectors driven by the convergence of CEE’s domestic consumption with the “old” EU, such as consumer products and retail, financial services, and healthcare. We also invest in sectors driven by CEE’s growing internationalization and competitive cost position, including IT, industrial products, and business process outsourcing.


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What types of transaction does Enterprise Investors conduct?

We invest in established companies at different stages of development, from growth to maturity. Our stake ranges from a large minority position to full ownership. The majority of our investments are buyout and expansion financing transactions. The deal structure is always designed to meet the company’s specific needs.


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How are EI funds involved in investee company management structures? How does cooperation with Enterprise Investors add value?

At Enterprise Investors we combine industry expertise with local market experience. Central to our approach is an emphasis on creating sustainable value that will withstand the test of time. We commit our full range of resources to the success of each portfolio company. Partnering with entrepreneurs and management teams, we help companies formulate strategy, conceptualize and implement optimal financing structures and recruit talented executives.


Enterprise Investors adheres to the highest standards of accountability, ethical business conduct and responsibility toward local communities.


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What types of investors provide you with their capital?

Over the last two decades we have earned the respect of leading foreign investors. Our investment team has managed the capital of major European and American financial institutions, including the largest banks, pension and investment funds and insurance companies.


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